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Stump Removal

Stump removal by grinding machine.Stump removal in Fort Wayne Indiana. If you have an unsightly and/or stump in the way in a yard, call Pence Tree Service of Fort Wayne for a stump grinding estimate. Pence Tree Service’s stump grinding machines can turn a we removal stumpsstump into mulch and leave a hole 6″-18″ deep depending on a tree service customer’s needs. There is little ground disturbance when hiring a tree service with a stump removing machine to the stump out of the yard.

Tree Stump Removal

Call Pence Tree Service Fort Wayne at (260) 456-7755


Call Pence Stump Removal of Fort Wayne at (260) 456-7755

Stump Grinder


stump grinding machine






Stump removal by grinding below ground level. Give Pence Tree Service a call today: (260) 456-7755

Stump Removal